Medical Tests and Health Check Ups

Individual Tests, Health Packages and X-Rays
Your Personal Healthcare Assistant will help you book Individual Tests, Health Packages and X – Rays at trusted labs, clinics and hospitals near your location. What’s more – You save a lot with us!

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Doctor Appointments and Consultation:

Do you need to see a doctor? Heal Track says: Yes Boss! Browse through our list doctors who has partnered with us to help you out. Review their credentials and if you like them, book an appointment!

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Personal Health Management:

Health Records – “My Health”

We are all humans. And we keep on forgetting and misplacing our old records and documents. Now leave everything to your personal healthcare assistant. We will record and digitize even the minutest detail of your health and make it available for you.

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Self-Triage : Basic Condition Analysis

Not feeling well? Don’t worry! We at Heal Track are at your service. You can now do a basic condition analysis to understand your health situation. Most probably we would be able to zero in on the root cause, but we always recommend a personal visit to a doctor visit. You can also share your triage details with anyone – May be your family doctor.


My Reminders

We at Heal Track know that you are a busy person. That’s why we have a reminder service for you which is linked to your medication schedule, routine health checks and even monitoring some of the vital statistics

Your Reminders


Do you know you can take multiple online tests free of cost at Heal Track. Your personal healthcare assistant brings to you some of the globally known self-tests at one place

Self Tests

Emergency and First Aid

Your Personal Healthcare assistant will stand by you in case of any emergency. Please dial 108 to call an ambulance in case of emergency. Heal Track also offers you few general actions which you can take in an emergency. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE USING ANY OF THE SUGGESTIONS! Emergency and First Aid Section We are working on many other features and services. Please let us know what else you would like your personal Healthcare Assistant to do for you in the box below.

Emergency and First Aid Section

Customized Health Care Tips

To lead a healthy life, you need to know what are the habits followed by people across the world. Your personal healthcare assistant tweets healthy habits. At your request, your assistant will make available relevant health care tips for you.

Health Care Tips

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